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Wait 15 Minutes, Tik Tok

Mark Twain once famously said, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait fifteen minutes.” Today in Western Mass proved that one without a doubt. I think we went through 5 seasons in two hours…

Also, it is faaaaar too overplayed (meaning in my book not enough), but I am a huge fan of the Keisha’s “Tik Tok.” And Bad Romance, but who doesn’t love that infectious song.

So today the blogs were generally atwitter (har har har) with ipads and post-State of the Union re-hashing. Some other things leaked through, like JD Salinger’s death (where do the ducks go in the winter?) and the fact I might not have to take Political Anthropology this semester as I originally had feared. But I digress:

Key to America’s “Star” Libraries: Uhm…Patrons

*headdesk* Maybe because I grew up working in a patron-not-book-centric library which won a national prize for libraries in 2008, but to me, the library should of course be about the people who use it. You might argue in favor of books, but I find that to be a traditionalist model. Anyway, the ALA didn’t understand this concept, so I find the results of this survey less surprising than they do.

Rumor Mongering: HP#7 Movie in 3D?

All the cool kids are doing it, after all. Not sure I want Harry’s angst that up-close-and-personal, however. Also, purely unsubstantiated rumor.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Don’t Hate.

An insightful opinion peace on President Obama’s continued vague promises about repealing DADT, from someone who actually serves in the armed forces.

Men Are Marrying Women Better Off Than Them. Oh, dear?

Getting slightly sick of these articles. Even more sick of the snarky blaming of these women’s sad(ish) dating situations on feminism. Oh yes, I’d much rather marry someone who makes more than me at the expense of my own personal ambitions. A nice feminist rebuttal in this week’s Newsweek, however, argues against that awful book Marry Him: Settling for Mr. Good Enough by Lauri Gottlieb.

Rufio, Where Art Thou? Asian Masculinity

Brilliant opinion piece over at Racialicious about being an Asian male and having no real positive portrayal in Western (or Eastern) media. Icky stereotypes. As a woman who still carries a torch for Rufio from “Hook,” I don’t get it. Maybe I just have a thing for Asian men. Or possibly just John Cho. Read the article anyway, it’s good.

Modern Tree Houses.

You know you want one. You know that you still think about them

The Apple iPad is for Old People! Aha!

Quote: “Not so with the iPhone. I’ve seen that thing understood within minutes by 2 year-olds and 84 year-olds. It does one thing at a time. Your finger is the cursor. There is no need to tap things twice before stuff happens. You are allowed to turn it off with the power button….Enter the larger, faster iPad. It’s a complex computer simplified, which makes it a perfect fit to those whose remaining life is too short to spend it defragging drives.”


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So, in case you heathens weren’t anywhere near a news site, Apple has released their new tablet, the “ipad.”

Gizmodo (and the rest of the relatively non-important tech blogs) have gone bonkers. Just visit the homepages. But some other stuff has been happening in the world.

8 Crap Things About the ipad

First, the ipad will be revolutionary and all that rot. Goody for it. But here are some things that still aren’t happening. LIKE MULTITASKING! You can’t listen to pandora (or itunes) and work on a word document at the same time. Seriously, Apple? Seriously. I’ll wait, thanks, even if you do have a killer Unlimited Data Plan for $30/month.

Also, “iTampon” is a highly rated trending topic on Twitter right now. Marketing Fail, Apple. Heads I’m sure will roll.

Yellow Submarine Novelty Items are Novel

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser. Awesome? Yes. Potentially annoying if you have a “morning-person” for a flatmate? Definitely.

Unhappy Hipsters

Someone put funny captions on pictures from a modernist spread in Dwell Magazine. You will tear up with laughter. Sample:

“Ever the realist, he built his table for one.”

No-Heat Challenge. Aka My Home in the Winter

People turn their heat on in New England before Thanksgiving? What? I had no idea!

Chalkboard Cabinets for the Creative Minimalist in All of Us

I am definitely in favor of this. I wonder if there could be an expo-marker version, as well. Probably not that great around the food, though…

BMI ratings are a load of crock. Here is an illustrated example of why.

Oh, Shapely Prose, how I love thee. Also, Whole Foods will be giving higher employee discounts to those with BMIs in the “normal” range. Yes, because making it harder for larger people to buy healthier foods will make them “healthier.” There is a carrot/stick metaphor that is crying in the corner on this one. Good going, Whole (paycheck) Foods. Ugh.

The Commodification of Rebellion

Been to a HotTopic recently? I have. I needed that Percy Jackson and the Olympians shirt. Inside, however, I encountered the commercialization of rebellion. You, too, can be alternative if you spend $20 on this mass-produced shirt! Anyway, the link is a cute comic about said subject, only for adults with Harley Davidson.

Speaking of Harley Davidson, if you (or anyone you know) is looking to unload a motorcycle, I’m vaguely interested. Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll wear a distinctive helmet so you can identify the remains.

The Xylophone Table (WANT)

Dear everyone. Please pool together some funds and get this for me. Thank you.

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I don’t know about where you all live, but the January Monsoon Season has started here in Western Mass. You don’t know of the J-Mons? It’s a recent thing, Global Warming, you know. Luckily for you all, the rain made me quite eager to stay inside and curl up with a good laptop.


When to Eat the Food You Dropped on the Floor

Proving that everything in your live should necessitate a flow-chart.

Bow-Tie Pasta with Chorizo and Tomatoes

It was intensely difficult to go from my “blah” veggie-soup with orzo in the dining hall to reading this recipe. *Salivates all over the keyboard*

It’s Bubble-Wrap’s Birthday. Pop Away.

Apartment Therapy has 6 different ways to use it. I use it as a personal therapy session. (Hint: people who send me care packages)

10 Years of Ruining Women’s Body Images

Newsweek (stealing much content from Jezebel), has come up with the air-brushing photo scandals of the past ten years. Go there to get pissed off at the media.

Related: An article on the increasing use of photo “re-touching” for children. Just hope they don’t end up looking like these beauties:

Ugh. In comparison, my pic in a similar headpiece from a similar age:

Love real children, even if they do have freckles/are covered in mosquito bites, as I appear to be here…

Open Source Software Helps in Haiti

Partners in Health has been one of my favorite organizations from about page ten of Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains two days before I went on a medical mission trip to Honduras.

Anyway, as anyone with a brain can tell from vaguely watching the blogs, PIH has been doing more than their fair share of life-saving work after the disastrous earthquake(s) that hit Haiti. I would love them for only this. But what’s even cooler is that they are being helped along by a bevi of open-source medical record-keeping software, called OpenMRS. Not only useful because it is stored in “the cloud,” (the internet) and therefore accessible from anywhere you can get a satellite signal, but the pricing model is far more usable in impoverished Haiti than, say, a “per-patient” or “per-hospital” model in a closed-software.

Geeks will first save, then inherit the earth, I suppose is the theme there.

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Hey people!

Accidentally went on a three week creative journey through my own psyche and neglected the blog. I also didn’t read my blogroll for 8 days and almost had a heart attack when I came back to >1500 items to read. So I shift-A-ed the hell out of those and am starting afresh. So if anything–with the exception of the earthquake in Haiti, something you’d have to be under a rock to miss–happened then, I have no idea.

But some links:

Library Journal’s Best Graphic Novels of 2009.

I have a copy of the graphic novel Bible, so the illustrated story of Genesis doesn’t interest me, but some others have piqued my interest. The Neil Gaiman fanfiction that he’s getting paid for about Batman looks good. There’s a good bio of Gaiman in this week’s New Yorker. Also, if you didn’t know that he and Amanda Palmer are engaged you also have been living under a rock.

Iceland’s Phallogical Museum

Really, do I have to say more?

Single-Serving Pie in a Jar

On par with the chocolate-cake-in-a-mug idea my mom sent me right before starting college again this year. I didn’t want to fit in my pants again, anyway.

Size 2 & 12 Models: Same Outfit.

I think they both look good, depending on the outfit. Also, I hate their outfits, but love love love this idea.

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Watched Star Wars Episode II this evening with some pals, if only for the awkward break-out-role action and screening for priceless Yoda one-liners. This is why my blog is so late. Here goes:


M.I.A. pens a jingle (song) about her 3 HOUR tech support call to Verizon. As a Verizon customer vaguely unsatisfied with my service, I heartily support this motion.

Charge your gadgets with nothing but ambient Wifi signals. Coming this summer to a bedside table near you.

Printers are from hell. Why do we still fail at making them? This “comic” reminds us why.

Stats you probably didn’t want to know about the pornography industry. On the other hand, potential second career choice appears to hold large monetary possibilities ($150k +). 😛

I feel like I might have designed this Whale-Shaped Toxin Collector in some Gifted and Talented class in elementary school. The future is now, people.

New Chromium OS Zero is a USB-download Google Chrome for eager early adapters.

Some guy turned a picture of himself into his “Avatar” equal. Awesome or awful? You decide. (Related: Seeing Avatar made me renew my latent desire to be a trick pilot)

Cartography (and film) nerds ahoy! NYTimes does Netflix rentals by neighborhood. I love the smell of intersecting data in the morning.

Home and Food

Pirate posters. Nuff said.

In case I haven’t put enough of these up here, Epicurious has a searchable map for local food. It’s not that hard to eat local, people. Think of it as foraging like your ancestors, only this time your weapons are a wifi connection and a checkbook. Related: Does anyone know if farmer’s markets take debit/credit?


The Feminist Year Ahead looks at (the British) possibilities for interacting with feminism. The events won’t mean anything, but the list of films and books look promising. For Smithies, a book by J Courtney Sullivan (author of Commencement) and Courtney Martin called Click: Young Women on the Moments They Knew They Were Feminists makes the list. Maybe her non-fiction has a more finite ending than her fiction?

In other news, Europe has moved from “Slightly Miffed” to “A Bit Peeved Because of the Bloody Weather” Snow covering all of Britain has creating a party-war over the grit (salt/sand) supplies, while France has come to a standstill and Spain is using its army to clear roads to Madrid. Pansies, the lot of them. We colonists just put on another coat and take out the snow-tires.

Never Help A Geologist Move. (T-shirt idea, but also good advice for your back).

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Lists of Links

Also, see Avatar, if only for the aerial fight scenes. Sorry I’ve been absent lately. Catching up on a million movies (related: see “Up,” Netflix “It’s Complicated” unless you want to wait in line with post-menopausal women.)

Onto the links, there’s a lot of them.

Spice up your life: Cooking with Ginger

Wishing I weren’t so far inland: Yummy Looking Scallops Provencal Recipe

I think this calls for snack time: Homemade Gummi Candy

Freezing? Top 10 Winter Survival Tactics also, Why It’s So Damn Cold Everywhere

More Damn Gendered Toys. I’m never having kids (link: Parenthood is a life choice) at this rate.

Got a perfect job in NYC? Oh, you wanted space in your apartment? Murphy Table Folds Up Into A Picture Frame When Not in Use

INVISIBILITY CLOAK TECHNOLOGY! People, get out your House Badges. Your green-ink letters have come.

Don’t have Synesthesia and wish you did? There’s an app for that (a webpage), which converts pictures into music.

Just like Art/are trying to be hipster? Here’s a great Art Blog that comes multi-recced in the past week from various people.

Out-nerd yourself by reading a meta-analysis of gender roles in use of symbols in the History of Dungeons and Dragons Play-Book Covers

Why you should all care about health care past your own deductible, damnit. A graphical analysis of per-capita health expenditure and life-expectancy. Guess who’s the outlier in the first and sucks in the latter? You betcha.

If you have things that you think would be great additions to this blog, feel free to email me at kjgormley@gmail.com

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Tons of Links Today

Went with some of the gals to go see “It’s Complicated,” a feel-good movie with old people kissing. Didn’t expect to laugh that much, but realized tonight that Smithies and post-menopausal women share the same sense of humor about men.

Lots of links, so the format’s more minimalist today:


Farmhouse Chic Style for Your Bedroom

Steal Anthropologie’s January Look with DIY Projects


Half the Sky: Your Primer to Women’s Issues Around the Globe

Before Edward Cullen There Was Frankenstein, Who is Far More Interesting


FlowChart of Food-Decision Making. More Complicated Than “Chocolate or Caramel,” Quel Surprise

Fast/Easy (like that frat boy): White Bean and Sausage Cassoulet

Ew. Harmful Bacteria Found in Almost Half of Soda Fountains


Sarkozy: The Copyright Crazy and How He’s Just Pissed Google Off (Uh-oh)

Download All Pics from an Album (Or of You) From Facebook With One Quick Program

Misc. Culture

When Was This America That Glenn Beck Hearkens To? What America Are We Losing in Today’s Technology and Rampant Sexuality? The Daily Show’s John Oliver Considers…

States that Allow Gay Marriage Vs. Those that Allow First-Cousin Marriage. Mmmhm.

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