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Monday Monday

So. Many. Tabs. Open. If only for the sake of my browser’s performance, I humbly submit this entry. Here goes, rapid fire:

“Twilight” sweetheart candies this Valentines. Gag.

LA Weekly on people living off the grid, as in living in their cars. (See “Author, Post-grad life of” for further information)

An analysis (book-list) of the Sexy Librarian trope in popular culture.

The NYTimes is worried that more women on campuses makes dating difficult. Because, of course, women go to college to find future husbands. So is American Enterprise Institute’s Mark Perry. While there are some very troubling trends in male-power that come about by unequal gender ratios at co-ed institutions that need to be addressed, can someone please explain to me why these women are so desperate to date when they are paying a hell of a lot of money to get a degree? Whew. Moving on to something that doesn’t piss me off so much…

Make ice cream in 15 minutes by using dry ice.

‘Shrooms: Messing with construction materials as well as your mind. (Mushrooms as possibly concrete replacement)

Quiz time (be honest!): Are you addicted to technology? (Not gonna lie: I answered yes to 20 of them…)

Fun with captions: Change a cartoon of Batman slapping Robin to say whatever dialog you want (make as NSFW as you want)

Children’s Books that never got published. Example:

New “Elder care” robat is, inexplicably, female-gendered. Who really needs a robot with a gender? That’s not really their function, right? Also, those lips are freaky.

New time-waster for Statistics-junkies (like me). Information expressed in visualizations. Related: How many starving kids could be fed with a celebrity engagement ring.

Women and Reading/Writing. Women read more than men (certainly more fiction), so why are most of the bestselling authors/ones winning awards men?

What if Congressional Seats were proportioned by the statistically accurate economic levels of the United States? (aka the top richest get 2 seats in Senate, as well as the most poor, and the rest is on a sliding scale?) LOVE THIS CONCEPT, BTW.

Aaaaannndddd…because I just dumped a lot of angry socio-political posts on you, here is a picture of a baby giraffe:


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The F-word (part 2)

F is for Friday.

And it is Friday, at 2AM/PM when I looked at this. So I have a HUMONGOUS  pile of links waiting to be written about. But I already wrote earlier on Thursday. So….a double post? (to be updated later on in the day…)

What if movie posters showed what the movie was really about?

Custom Chocolate and Custom Romance Novels you can order online? (aka every sad woman’s valentine’s day).

Everyone loves a contemporary converted dairy barn for a house. Right, everyone? Okay, maybe that’s just me.

You took all the fun out of this lasagna, but it still looks delicious!

History Geeks Ahoy! Is it bad that I could think of 4 people off the top of my head who would love the ability in GoogleEarth to look back at WWII?

Microsoft gets slammed by a former muckity-muck for being slow about everything and not really advancing their own software, with the notable exception of their OS. This is what happens when you let too many people work for a company for too long.

Yes. It’s a plane with its parts labeled for your edification. This basically made my week:

Go science-classroom chic with this awesome idea: spices in test tubes! I’m also a big fan of putting oil and vinegar in Iodine flasks.

Do you like FML? or TFLN? or MLIA? Me too. But sometimes they can get you down, or in the case of MLIA, no one wants to read about random people in random costumes having harry potter moments Every Day, do they? So I found this great site, GMH (Gives Me Hope), which is sort of like Chicken Soup for the Weepy Sap’s Soul in abbreviated form. Not gonna lie, I read 95 pages in one night. Have a hanky, because these stories will make you sob with joy/compassion. Send it to your grandma as well.

If you are in the Boston region, my orchestra will be playing a concert at Regis College tomorrow (Saturday) night at 7:30 in their Fine Arts Center. Come for a few hours of spirituals (there’s a 200 person choir), Beethoven’s 5th, and Vivaldi’s Gloria.

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The F-Word (part 1)

and by F-word, I mean Feminism.

Which is my word of the day, seeing as I spent most of it either learning how to upload websites or researching iatrogenic women’s health issues for my baby-thesis.

Book Rec. Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation. You know you want to read it. You know you do. Where did the word “period” come from anyway? Also, uses the phrase “mass deflowering,” something I will have to incorporate into my speech and writing more often.

DIY hack, again. For big wall quotes in up-front-letters:

With only three items (not counting painter’s tape)! Is it time to have a wall of smutty Arthur Rimbaud poems? I think so…Alternatively, you could always go with the classic Beatles lyrics, or something trite like Shakespeare. I wonder if you could do this with a sheet tacked on a frame (or just a really big canvas) so as to reduce overall weight of the piece? Hmm.

So apparently orca whales have different orca-subcultures. Like, the vegetarian and carnivorous orcas, who don’t interact as cohesive pods. (The anthropology major inside just did a happy wiggle…imagine getting to work with whales with my degree). This blog asks the (natural?) question: if whales have diverse cultures, can we make a stab at an endangered species-culture law? Also, wondering if pandas have subcultures as well, but that’s just because of pictures like this:

Become a GMail Ninja/Master of your fate by using keyboard shortcuts.

Oh, Buster Keaton. Usually I don’t like old movies, but his series of shorts made my day. (The newly converted are the most evangelical).

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How does your city rank, Housing Affordability-Wise? (New York? Not so much, but we all knew that).

Things to make you angry: Price Mark-Ups on Common Items

I’m not a hippie, I swear. But here’s some good alternatives for those crazy synthetic soaps which clean out your wallet.

You’ve seen the leggings-that-look-like-jeans. If you are wearing them, take them off, now, and go punish yourself in the name of all that is holy. However, someone has, naturally, gone the opposite direction and made “PajamaJeans,” or sweatpants that look like jeans. And here I thought the snuggie was a new low.

On the sartorial side of things, looking for a new t-shirt? One that will make you appear more well read than you are? Try OutofPrint, tshirts with old classics book covers on them. I am lusting after “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Stuffed Eggplant. Need I say more?

Artist I like (not many). But Richard Hughes is pretty cool:

What what? A drill-free fix for cavities? . Not that I don’t love my dentist, that subtle whirring of the drill, that vulnerable feeling of excited helplessness you get in the chair…oh. Er. Ahem. Yes. Just click the link.

How to use your job to improve your job without getting a monetary raise. Company profits not so high this year but you’ve been doing a great job? Try asking for a quality of life raise instead. Maybe you could have flexi-hours? or Work from home sometimes?

It took one week to go from “OMG ipad” to “How will Google do it better with half the work and for half the money?” Why Steve Jobs is so angry with Google. Mostly because Google lets Apple do all the market-building and design for them, then swoops in on a deus ex machina of open-source software and triumphs.

Aircrusing (concept only). Like a big glass bottom boat/plane for crossing the Atlantic in a speedy 37 hours, fueled by the sun and wind. Sounds about my pace. Then again, I am going to try for trains as much as possible. Mostly because I’ve never been on a train, so I have unrealistic steampunk hopes for them.

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…as in her music, not her marriage to the President of France.


I had shrimp scampi for dinner, which was meh. But I think I would have preferred this Spinach and Italian Sausage Calzone.

Star-Wars Inspired Desk. All I need to say, right? (based on the All Terrain Armored Transport from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)

Bowls are overrated. Try this Fruit Slide.

17 Places to Trade/Buy/Sell Used Books. For the bookworm with an empty wallet.

Converting to a Media Center? Here’s a good guide as to which one is a good choice for you.

Lifehack: Blast through boring activities with a purposeful playlist. I used to have a 40 minute playlist for those awful times essays we had in high school. Make one for your cleaning/creative writing time!

Forgotten a lot of math? Never really understood it in the first place? Don’t worry, this guy’s got you all set, from pre-school to grad-school.

Procrastination Alley, otherwise known as McSweeney’s List of Lists. Yeah, I never wanted to pass my Anthro. Theory class anyway.

Poetry and movies and a Pile of Awesome! James Franco stars as Allen Ginsberg in “Howl,” a piece about the true hipsters and Ginsberg’s obscenity trial about his (in)famous poem “Howl.” I personally prefer “Sunflower Sutra,” but there’s no accounting for taste.

Also, UMass has been approved to start their own law school.

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Yay for happy links today!

For your creeping-purposes, you can follow this elementary school teacher/foodie as he eats a school lunch everyday and catalogues the (non)nutritive value of the foods served. Didn’t any else’s grade-school chicken nuggets bounce?

Disgusted with that? Okay, make up for it with a Rough-Style Squash and Goat Cheese Pizza/Flatbread thing. All you need is some spinach, 1940s crooning music, and a candle to have a night of it.

I am not a crafty person, but maybe you people are! Check out ApartmentTherapy’s list of 10 Best Crafting Blogs.

As someone who really only does event cleaning, here are some handy tips on “How to make your house look clean and tidy.” Fave tip? Make the bed.

Essential Tools for the DIY-er. Accepting any of these for giftees, folks. Women wielding power tools is a beautiful thing.

Random pic of the day: The new Draco Malfoy Lego Character.

Dunno why you’d want to weave old newpaper into yarn, but here are some instructions.

Why open-source will win the race: the tortoise/hare problem. “Open source springs from dissatisfaction.¨

Phones these days are horrendously complicated to use, let alone buy. Here’s a pretty decent guide for non-gadget nerds (aka the people who are just now asking if I’ve heard that Google has a phone) to use when looking for a new communication device.

If you are among the converted and using Chrome 4 (available in all OSes, so no excuses), the internet browser by Google, rejoice unto thee because Greasemonkey userscripts run in Chrome natively, with no extra work. I can get back to my beautiful Helvetimail soon. Don’t know what Greasemonkey script (basically a pretti-fier) to choose? Try this list.

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Some links. And by some, I think I mean a lot.

Common Mistakes in Polling. Thank you lord for my AP Stats class in high school.

Nom it up with Apple Pie Bars or Homemade Whoopie Pies. Good for your diet? No. Good for your soul? Duh.

Grow green things inside, four ways. I’m fond of another design, turning an over-the-door shoe organizer into a planter.

Need some pretty wallpaper? Try this site. (Warning: images culled from a potentially VERY NSFW image-board, so approach at your own risk)

Hang your kitchen-ware from hard-core Grid Walls. For those with nice pot sets and small living spaces, or people who love the industrial look.

What not being Flash-compatible means for the iPad. No Farmville, Hulu, CNNOnline, or Porn. Or, really, youtube that’s not based on HTTP5.

For those gadget/Latin-nerds out there. The “first” Swiss Army Knife, an all in one eating utensil found in a dig of a 200AD Roman settlement.

I don’t take classes that require rote memorization (dropped that pre-med like a hot potato…), but maybe you could use some digital flashcards? Make ’em, take ’em, etc etc.

“Boyfriend” jeans for little girls. Uck. Ick. Uck ickity uck. We have to gender comfier pants from the get-go, now?

What did college women have in their closet in 1941? (Hint: Smithies wore a lot of dickies and sweater-sets.) Just a bit of fun sartorial/gender/collegiate history for you.

You don’t have to be pretty. Nope. Not even if you’re female-bodied. Stop thinking of yourself as decoration for the world. Related: Fashion w/o Hatred. Also, Scary-Thin Models at São Paulo Fashion Week.

Saddest take on the Abandonment of the Mars Spirit Rover Yet. (Thanks, Randall Munroe). True fact, I teared up a little bit.

Also, remember to feel free to send me material at kjgormley@gmail.com

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