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I calls ’em as I sees ’em. Links ahoy!

Cute Suffragist Postcards. My fave:

Using the books you carry as people-repellent. I heartily recommend Anaïs Nin in any situation with heterosexual males.

There is a whole blog devoted to Michelle Obama’s clothes. Why did I not know about this? Now if only there were one for Rachel Maddow, I could have all my women in one RSS feed.

Long story short: I hate the smell of cilantro. I’d wondered why, when I was picking it last summer on that organic farm I worked on. Luckily, the NYTimes has assuaged my herb-angst.

Setting up a geeky computer-based TV for non-geeks. Aka my possible X-mas gift to my parents (the labor, not the actual hardware)

If comics and beautiful strong lesbians are your thing, then you will be pleased to know that Batwoman (whose backstory involves getting discharged from the military via the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy) will be having her own series.

In other news, the newest Japanese fad, “History Girls,” which are sort of a mix between history nerds, re-enacters, and…and…well, it’s an interesting fad, anyway.

Best. Invisibility. Cloak. Ever.

Remember that thing you drunkenly tweeted publicly? No? Well, the Library of Congress does. It will now be archiving all public tweets since 2006. Eek!

The best use for an Ipad. Let your cat play with it.

Free stuff on Tax Day.

Yay for bi-sexual pride! I don’t watch House but a lot of people do, and Thirteen’s characterization and defense of bi-sexuality here is rockin’.


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So the baby-thesis is due in a week. I thought I’d get in some quality time with the internet before becoming a recluse, so here are a hell of a lot of links for you guys:

Post-Armageddon (Less than 1,000 days until Dec. 21, 2012, folks!) underground shelter looks cool, democratic like a Battle Star Galactica.

Jezebel on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (and More) about Getting an IUD. (as someone who studies women’s health, I am heartily recommending you read this article.)

If I were to sell-out and buy and Ipad, I’d want a Bacon Ipad Case to go with it, naturally.

I’m moving back in with the ‘rents post-grad. But I wish I were going to live in one of these 10 International Houses.

Next in the series of “Things KJ can’t do”: How to Shop Like a Grown-Up. I’m really more of a Threadless person myself.

Spring Cleaning? Clean your damn computer, too. I had a friend recently fry her hard-drive b/c the thing overheated. Don’t be this person.

Lions. Simba. Youtube. Mashup. Oh just watch it.

In other news: Science can do awesome things. Like PRINTING NEW SKIN. Sometimes I love living in the future. Also, read the comments, as they are chortle-worthy.

Dear Everybody. WANT. (Graduation is coming…)

Everybody’s favorite topic: the Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm.

Read these in sophmore year of high school, but these horrible analogies are still amusing.

It’s the best of both of my interests: Women and Anthropology. I give you: Evolutionary Psychology Bingo!

Have a good weekend!

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Oh well. Here’s some links.

Have been getting into aquaponics. Here’s the same concept in miniature, with a Desktop Ecosystem.

Apparently the Ipad came out. If you didn’t know that I don’t know you. I personally will not be purchasing one. Why? For several reasons, starting with $ and ending with Everything That Cory Doctorow Says Here. Example: “The way you improve your Ipad isn’t to figure out how it works and making it better. The way you improve the Ipad is to buy iApps. Buying an Ipad for your kid isn’t a means of jump-starting the realization that the world is yours to take apart and reassemble; it’s a way of telling your offspring that even changing the batteries is something you have to leave to professionals.” But hey, have fun with the Marvel comics app (pretty!) that won’t let you share comic books with your pals.

YES. I totally agree with this list of 15 Reasons why Plus-Size Shopping Sucks. Guess what? I actually like and can look sexy in clothing with shape! For examples of hot plus-size women, see This (Especially pic #11).

A priest at a Vatican service compared the criticism of the Catholic Church in the wake of the sex-abuse scandals to the persecution of Jews. I actually just sat there and read the headline 6 times before clicking on the article. Then I read it, found it to be a somewhat nuanced analysis (by “persecution of the Jews” they mean “categorization of the whole by the actions of the part”), but still: No. No no no no no no. There is a HUGE difference between being persecuted for the perceived character of people of your faith, rather than being criticized for SEXUALLY ABUSING MINORS AND COVERING IT UP. I would be worried if people weren’t criticizing these priests. I don’t automatically assume that, suddenly, all Catholics are horrible people, but there are certainly issues with the institution. The problem here, then, is that “the Jews” are people and not an institution. It’s like comparing apples and platypuses.

Reason # 8 million why it’s awesome to be Malia & Sasha Obama.

Tooting the Linux horn here with “7 Things It’s Easier to Do in Ubuntu than Windows.” Yes, I’ll make you an install CD.

That time of the month hurts like all hell. Here’s a list of solutions. Perhaps you have tried some of them? (Heating pads are like stuffed animals @Smiff, but I don’t know about the rest of the world.)

I give up. Is getting older a good or bad thing, according to today’s media? I thought I knew, until apparently dying your hair grey prematurely is trendy. I DON’T GET IT. HELP.

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