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I’ve been holding off, just starring things in my GReader until this beautiful day when I could ruin whatever papers you have left with tempting links. There are a lot of them. A LOT. A lot a lot. So, here goes:


There’s a new Ubuntu release in town, and it’s apparently pretty fly. First, they’ve abandoned that whole brown scheme (thank you!). So there are some articles: Best Improvements, the 10 Minute Guide [meh], an AWESOME getting-started manual for Ubuntu Rookies, and more advanced, the keyboard short-cuts of LucidLynx

Treat your hard-drive well, because she is a bitch when she’s all hot and bothered and overloaded with processes.

This week, mid-nap (it’s finals, people) I get a phone call from my little bro: “The linux is broken! Fix it!” “Wha–?” *Yawn* “The linux you put on my computer! It’s broken. Fix it!” “Fix it yourself, you mangy cur.” *Rolls over back to sleep, ignoring the pleading of a helpless younger sibling* If you, too, have been asked to fix someone’s computer from 300+ miles away, read this guide.

I don’t have one or want one, but in case you have an ipad and want to do some warranty-breaking stuff to it: How to JailBreak Your Ipad.

In case you missed it, May 4th was International Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You, Young Skywalker!). In addition to cheesy pick-up lines–“You’ve been looking for love in Alderaan places”–TomTom decided to add Darth Vader to the list of voices you could have on your GPS. More: Lego-Stop Motion StarWars Two-Minute Trilogy. More: StarWars Pregnancy Announcement (possibly better than Padme Amidala’s went?).

Mostly Harmless. Stephen Hawking reminds us that we’d suck at inter-planetary warfare, so we should just shut up and take it when the aliens arrive.

Despite have a few Eagle-Scout friends, I didn’t really respect the organization for their stance on homosexuality. Now they are offering a badge in…video-gaming. I give up.


Yeah. Prom was weird/anti-climactic for the rest of us, too. Reminisce with this, and the comments.

I don’t watch House. But apparently a few weeks back there was a good, nuanced, well-informed discussion of bi-sexuality. Thank you Jesus.

9 Habits of the World’s Healthiest people. Fave? Walk places, but don’t kill yourself at the gym.

Friends of mine are writing a blog. It’s about rude things that you didn’t ever think about contemplating but are a much better person for knowing about afterwards. Like VCH piercings. Head on over to Fornicating Feminists.

Sometimes people turn practical instead of moral. For example, Amsterdam and MJ or Amsterdam and prostitution. Read More here. [Heinously anthropological/sociological and academic, but the gist is that Amsterdam rocks.]

In defense of 14 year old girls.

Where to score fly plus-size clothing. Woot for all my curvy ladies.

Better Homes and Kitchens

Buy organic food and stuff healthily with this chart.

I have a weird friend who hates pizza sauce. Here are 28 alternatives.

Muppet Cupcakes. ‘Nuff said.

You thought your dorm/apartment was small. Check out the digs in Beijing.

File under “Things I will be eating this summer.” Using Zucchini as the pasta.

Vegetarian? Looking for a good site-conglomerator type thing that combs the net looking for yummy non-meat things? Go here.

Design your own rug online. YES. FINALLY.

Sometimes you just need to deepfry those embarassing things (Twinkies, last night’s chinese take-out, boogers) at home. Here’s how to do it w/o buying a fryolator.

Then cleanse down with some Kale Lemonade. (Don’t go *ugh* at me like that! Kale is a yummy self-righteous food.)

NewsFlash: Getting less sleep makes you want snack(y) foods more. Hmm. So that’s why all my money has been drifting across the street to Pizza Amore…


Two(ish) words for my digital art friends: Never-Ending Canvas. Go.

Enter this world as you come into it [web-comic].

File under EffingAdorable: Owl-Puppet used to feed orphan owl-chicks. Puppets. Orphans. Baby Animals. It’s like a trap for my estrogen, I swear.

It’s a little late, seeing as Cinco De Mayo was yesterday, but here’s some debunking of hangover myths.

Taxidermy stuff up for sale (or at least it was when I archived this post). Anyway, stuffed dead animals for your perusement.

Personal Life

My giant paper about Diethylstilbestrol is done! You can read it here (attached at bottom of page). It’s pretty swell, apparently. I’m waiting for a grade on it still, but if you have an extra half-an-hour to kill and want to learn about an interesting subject you can bring up at dinner parties and be all smarty-pantz and stuff, feel free to read it.

I’m in a play. You all should come. It’s called Tricky Wicked Bitch and was written by a friend of mine. This is a “written by an award winning friend of mine,” so it’s no puppet show in the backyard. I’m saying it’s about time-travel, love, lesbians, and the nature of family, but there are so many layers it’s like an onion of theatrical awesome.


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