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Enjoying a good book, decided to actually turn off my laptop for awhile, but thought I should clear out some of the links which have piled up in tabs in the past few days.

Music is good for you. Really really. Look! There’s science to prove it.

Being geeky is also good for you. When you combine music and geeky, you get Star Wars in Concert. (link is to NPR article). I don’t know if they will come to the USA, but god knows I’ve friends in most major cities so if they come, I will go see them.

Elephants carrying a women’s suffrage¬†poster. Two things I love in one picture!

Rachel Maddow (swoon!) tears Fox a new one. For your swotty liberal edification.

Lighthouse vs. Ship. (Related: Americans are really stupid).

Like TFLN? or MLIA? Sick of stigmas/double-standards in gender? Feel inexplicably guilty for being female in a world of male privilege? Boy, do I have a site for you. MFIF (My Fault, I’m Female) are rants by women about sexist parts of their days.

A clothing diet, in which you only wear a certain number of clothing items for a certain amount of time. An interesting concept, but I’d have to give up my grossly amassed t-shirt collection.

aaaaannnnndddd….I’m off to read My Life as a Traitor by Zarah Ghahramani. 100 pages in and it’s brilliant.


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Deep Clean

Have been deep-cleaning my bedroom/the house in preparation for my two aunts coming to visit tomorrow. We were going to visit Acadia National Park tomorrow with them, but can’t because Pres. Obama et al. are there this weekend as well. I know that if I had a day like yesterday on the job as he did (oil leak capped, financial reform passed), I’d want to take a weekend away, but all the presidential hullaballoo is snarling up traffic up and down the coast of Maine.

So here’s some links.

The trailer for the movie Howl, about Allen Ginsberg. It looks promising. A lot better than Eclipse, which I am slightly ashamed to say that I saw last night. Most. Asinine. Film. Ever. Also: Team Jacob 4evar, yo. (-:

I was at a beautiful wedding last weekend. It sorta made me believe in true love and monogamy and all that rot again. A little bit. Apparently a writer for Feministing also went to one similar to the one I attended and felt the same way.

5 Good Food Blogs That I Probably Won’t Be Following But You Should Anyway

ImprovEverywhere is back again, this time with a Reenactment of the “Princess Leia Meets Darth Vader” scene in A New Hope (IV), only acted out in a subway car.

If I had to have what is technically a mental disorder, I’d want ¬†synaesthesia, where your brain switches up input and outputs, so you can hear colors, see music, etc. Someone has asked if you can teach yourself synaesthesia.

Women kicking butt. A consideration of female action heroes.

Sir Patrick Stewart helping out The Count from Sesame Street corral some wayward numbers using his stage voice.

Annnnddd…that’s all I had hanging around on my browser from the last couple of days. Writing this helps me clean out my open tabs. Pass this along to friends in the workplace and such, pleaseandthankyou!

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Went to a beautiful wedding this past weekend with some pals from Smiff. Said friends reminded me that I used to have this blog thing and I remembered that I only work 8 hours a week now (farm stand what up)*. I also hadn’t looked at my RSS feed in over a month, so this was interesting. I have just taken the first couple of things that showed up when browsing through each section. Links away!

Here in Maine we don’t have blueberries yet, but if you have some inferior non-Maine fascimiles of the berry, here’s a cool blueberry cocktail.

Women are rocking out all over the place in the 21st century. This includes the wine industry.

Possibly an old post, but yet another waist-whittling performed by a magazine determined to make me feel self-conscious about my figure.

Looking for that Mr(s) Right, but like your luxuries? Check out the Best Places to Find Single Affluent Professionals. (Hint: I’m moving to Mountain View, CA)

Straight Pride Parades Are Everyday!

Love McSweeney’s. Love love love. An example? My Family’s Trending Topics.

Sometimes anthropologists get a bit annoying, but I totally have a serious science degree, you guys! (The Mouse-Over text is important, here)

How Mace Windu should have handled Chancellor Palpatine’s arrest. No snakes.

For those of you on a budget, here are 50 Healthy Foods under a $1 a pound.

Drink a lot of coffee? (The 1st step is admitting you have a problem) Here’s what the caffeine is really doing to your brain.

What is goodbye in the world of Facebook/Twitter/etc? Awkwardly difficult, if you just broke up with someone (especially if they are either a. in tune with technology or b. a computer science major. I need to date a Luddite Artist who Lives in the woods with no 3G access, seriously). Here’s a plug-in that might help with that separation.

Probably no one else cares, but Spotify is coming to Linux! Yes!

I’m actually more intrigued by the idea of a hotel made of treehouses, but the mirrored concept is pretty damn cool.

Totoro hates your Ipad.

Medical establishment commodity fetishism? Clothing grown from bacteria.

Steven hates mushrooms but loves feta. Kim loves potatoes but won’t eat steak because of the methane in cow farts. Food money is tight in the recession. We’re sick of the wheat vs. white bread argument every week. There’s a (web)app for that.

*Also, just found my old Simple Plan album. This is sad because I have another one in my car. But “Addicted” is still er….addicting. And no one knows what it’s like to be me. No one, my friends. No one.

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