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So since the last time I checked my RSS feed (since July?), I have [1] been a counselor for a Harry-Potter-Jesus-oh-and-there’s-swimming-and-canoes-too Camp, [2] started and quit a second job as a barista, and [3] learned to effectively fake my way at playing a ukelele. But enough for personal achievements, let’s see what’s been going on in the time I’ve neglected to milk the feed.

*cracks knuckles, toes, and neck*

First, under Tech

Solar Cells that act like real cells, reproduction included.

Dear Android. This is your best idea ever. File under: All I Want for Christmas [R2D2 Droid Phone]

Possibly no one else is excited, but some of the features for the newest Ubuntu release are up.

Also, go see The Girl Who Played with Fire. Right now. Now. Bring your squick goggles or a friend’s hand to hold. Oh Noomi Rapace you break my heart.

And over with Women, Being a better person, and pop culture analysis…

Make your overweight ties skinny for those Mad Men costume parties.

I would buy these tampons. Right now and forever.

Nice stories about how summer camp made the authors feminists. Personally, I just came back from one where the seven 11-year-old girls in my cabin gasped when I answered their “what kind of husband/how many kids do you want” question with, “Well, I don’t really want a husband, or kids. I want someone to go on adventures with me around the world, and maybe I’ll get a dog.” Say, have you girls ever heard of Smith College?

Some really sad stats about (female) full-equity partners at big law firms. This article, in an interesting turn, tells prospective women associates considering offers to, if they can, turn down the ones with less upper-level female partnership. However, I’m intrigued to notice that the deliberately Jewish firm is also the one with the lowest full-equity female partners. Hmm.

There are a lot of “Don’ts” in the world of having a larger bust size (what what!). Here is a MAGNIFICENT list of DOs, including links to online shops catering especially to us gifted women.

One time a friend of mine dyed their white poodle into an approximation of Cape Breton’s flag for some parade. That was pretty cool. These dogs dyed to look like other animals (omg PANDAS) beat the pants off that poor poodle.

Why academia sounds so stupid to most people once they’ve gotten their degree. [A funny-in-a-prolix-way post about the Kabuki theater that is academic conferences].

and finally in Home and Food

Lounging on the floor while eating/drinking tea/chatting: Jesus did it, why can’t you? Here are some cute decorating ideas!

This says it’s a children’s design site. But people, they have a BedWithASlide. And CuteJarLamps. Also, these are hipster children’s rooms. Just go and squee, ok?

Awesome appetizer idea: Caprese Skewers. Also, have you been eating your own weight in heirloom tomatoes & mozzarella? Tis the season, afterall…

For people in NY soon, there is a Joy of Sake festival. mmjussayin.

This Blueberry Buck recipe sounds great right around now. If only….I were 21. Oh well, at least I can have this Blueberry’n’Brie Panini!

oh yeah. forgot about comics!

My fave PostSecret of recent times. Comment: “Don’t we all?”

ASW always manages to pinpoint my life philosophies. This time? A take on that old Chinese “curse” about interesting times.

Thanks once again, SMBC, for your on-the-spot analysis of gender problems. Maybe I wanted a blue toolkit. Comment: I definitely received a “Girly Hammer” complete with floral hammer when I went to college.

Also, this is sad, but true. Parents, get off your blogs sometimes and spend some time with your kids.

Have a good time at your classes, friends still stuck in academia! I’m going (attempt) to work on that post-apocalyptic america novel.


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