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Been Awhile…

Updating blogs with links is like doing laundry, sometimes. I’d check my RSS feed after neglecting it for 2 weeks (OMG 2000+ posts!) and then overwhelmed me so I just starred the things I liked & didn’t update. The digital equivalent of wearing a bikini bottom because you are intimidated by your laundry pile.

So here’s a selection of those starred items, only done today because I was supposed to be substitute teaching but instead got a snow day. (Note: puts a whole new perspective on the situation when snow day means I’m out $70 worth of work).

Starting it off light: a Letter to Our Parents, dealing with the perplexing questions like “I’d never think of having a kid in my 20s! What were you thinking?” and “Why do you feel that you are poor when you own a car?”

So I’ve been making some $$ by teaching technologically-challenged people about E-readers, even if they are one of Several Soon-to-be-Extinct Tech Gadgets. If you DID get a Kindle (poor thing), here’s how to Strip the DRM off your Amazon Ebooks for happy (illegal) sharing to other devices. Also, how to Send Web Articles to your Kindle with Instapaper to read later.

If you are like me and chose the New Years Resolution of “Get Rid of Your Crap, No Srsly,”you may run into old tech, which is awkward to get rid of. Here’s how.

While you are cleaning (oh yeah Imma set up a narrative here), you might break for some awesome hot-cocoa. My father and I have discovered that it is further improved by adding Bailey’s, but that is your prerogative.

Let’s say you spill some cocoa on the kitchen floor in the process. That’s okay! I’m sure you can just active your DIY Brush Robot from Heaven. Or you can be like this guy I once dated who re-programmed his Roomba to hunt cats. #nerdwhisperer

Then, having divested yourself of transient belongings (BuddistHulk! FTW), you realize you have a lot of old Monster Energy cans lying around. You could recycle them…or you could upcycle them! Into adorable little boxes! Guided by a British man who pronounces “aluminium” SEVERAL TIMES.

[Giving up on the Narrative thing now.]

OMG her name is Katie and she loves Star Wars and they love her BAAAACK! Related: my fave xmas gift:

I LOVE the Fibonacci Sequence/Golden-Ratio. It’s one of the few things I’ve considered as a tattoo (nerdalert). So applying the Fibonacci boxes (oh hey¬†new Twitter design) to photography was a pile of pure-genius.

IDK about this “Ten Things Every Father Should Teach His Daughter,” mostly because my MOM taught me most of those things. My dad, on the other hand, taught me how differentiate between Monet and Manet and why Rothko is like the haiku of painting. Also how to make a stew out of the left-overs in the fridge. He and I are currently working on #10 “How to Drink.” It’s been a fun educational experience.

Always equivocal about The Pill. Awesome because it puts the control over pregnancy in the hands of women? Awful because it normalizes a very personal bodily function? Awesome because it apparently doesn’t make you fat? Awful because of how it was originally tested for efficacy/safety? I have many thoughts.

A method of multiplication of large numbers from Japan. Wicked.

Also, I’ve gotten really into AFI recently. IKNOWIKNOW I’m waaay late to this baby-goth party. But whatever. Here’s my current fave song.

But! because that is kinda depressing, here are two cats playing pattycake. With amusing voice-over. Or CuteBoysWithCats, my lilbro’s fave Tumblr. Maybe you prefer CuteGirlsWithCats? Whatever blows your skirt up, honey.

Have a great weekend!


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