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February Hymn

Late February is my least favourite time of the year.

So why not update my blog? Here goes:

Under “Cool Art Things,” an artist combined hundreds of tourist photos of major monuments to create haunting re-interpretations of well-known architectural silhouettes.

I’m a big fan of Cracked.com’s more creepy posts, so the guy over at oobject is pretty cool.

A look at how former bombing/war sites have been re-appropriated into agricultural centers.

The Criterion Collection is coming to HuluPlus! While that would not make me switch over, it’s kinda cool if you (like the parents I’m currently living with) already have a subscription.

Create your memory palace. I tried doing this once, only with a mental motif straight out of The Magician’s Nephew. It ended up being more a nightly meditation exercise/Occulmency practice.

Speaking of things to memorize…in case anyone forgot their hankycode. [NSFW, if you work in a lame place]

Last January I took a class from MIT’s OpenCourseWave called “Gender and Technology.” I read about these awesome math/Rosie-the-Riveter/computer women.

I may or may not have been carrying a crush on Amelia Earhart since I was 3. (Dear past self: note this passion for female aviators & maybe your coming-out won’t be so fraught with self-doubt). ANYWAY, the mystery is still unsolved, but people are going to try to solve her disappearance (or at least discredit rumor-mongers) using the DNA in her spit from letters.

Fantasy creatures? Check. Medical Illustrations? Check.

So earlier this week, someone coerced James Earl Jones into reading lyrics from Bieber’s “Baby.” Not finding that hilarious enough, someone put that audio to StarWars footage, creating the ultimate Sith weapon.

Using GoogleMaps to find streetart.

My GF is in need of a new, heavy-duty laptop carrier…in purple. Or leopard-print. Glitter? Something not-a-messenger-bag. (We don’t really see eye-to-eye sartorially). Here you go!

FINALLY! Multi-touch config file for Linux.

Gizmodo reviews: the Best Lego Sets of 2011.

Yay! Have a not-as-sucky-day!





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