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Animal [in the] House

There’s a long story as to how I ended up in the stacks of Dartmouth College’s library, but you just want links. You were going to do something with your Sunday afternoon [delight]? Also, I saw a fawn outside of the campus center this morning. Super cute. Watched as pubsafe tried to “herd” it into the woods.

Gizmodo reviews the Top 10 Anti-Virus programs. Or, as a friend pointed out, you could just switch to Linux.

Even if you don’t switch over, here are some nice desktop backgrounds from the newest Ubuntu release, “Natty Narwhal.”

I am trying to resurrect one of those old Blueberry Imacs. You know, from 2000?┬áIt’s not going that well. But I did enjoy/need this guide to lightweight OS for old computers.

Do something good for your sense of security: work out a good backup procedure.

Changing gears, here’s a snarky little post about being Twee.

A beautiful mash-up of 25 years of Pixar.

The Motherhood Dilemma: All the arguments for or against having children in one cartoon.

“Bacteria Dirigibles” for your bio-smart-bombing of diseased cells. So many opportunities for good, so many opportunities for steampunk jokes.

So when my friend and I get around to actually starting up our cupcake truck business, we will serve them in jars, sometimes.

How do you feel about using sequins in home decorating? In the bedroom? My GF has this one pillow which sheds silver sequins everywhere. Still finding them in my messenger bag, which lessens the tough computer fixer image I’m going for.

Supposedly it’s spring. Hahahahaha yeah okay sure (she says, looking at a pile of snow). But we’re getting all geared up for our summer garden (leeks! carrots! potatoes! various sundry other tubers!) and I bought some cilantro seeds. Here are some gardening blogs for inspiration.

If I had $50k, right now, I’d by one of these & travel around for awhile. Well, first I’d pay my college loans, but then I’d buy one of these Airstreams. Priorities: I have them.

Happy Spring!



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