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Substitute teacher days are for updating one’s blog.

Each Disney Princess has a sin.

Using a French Press to make frothy milk for home-made lattes.

This artist/statistician/intrepid-cartographer created heat maps of cities based on where the tourists are.

I’m a big fan of multi-purpose jewelry. This wrench necklace would have helped when I was hauling my bike out of the shed a couple weeks ago.

This is a creepy-sad Batman/X-men French Movie. A good use of your next 10 minutes.

Youtube rolled out it’s “Top 100 Music Videos” feature. You have no excuse for not knowing the lyrics to “On the Floor” now.

Netflix is great. But sometimes the variety is overwhelming. This flow-chart helps you figure out which SciFi show to watch next. I’m thinking of moving on to Doctor Who this summer.

Yay for Rural Living!


Enjoy these on your sunny sunny Thursday.










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