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Long time no write. Since my last post, I have (1) gotten a job for the summer, (2) read some great books, and (3) jumped on the GooglePlus bandwagon. It’s still pretty quiet out there, but maybe you all will come with me?

Anyway, links.

Have always loved Morrocan Tiles. Or maybe it’s the daubing on the walls and a design scheme that isn’t afraid of color? Maybe I just like the idea of putting my travels everywhere.

DIYs all over the place: Make an Indoor/Outdoor rug out of a tablecloth and No-Sew T-shirt Pillows.

Cheap date ideas. (The Art of Manliness is, on occasion, my bible).

Exercise you can do at work and not look like an idiot. Related, I’m getting really into planking (Thanks Details Mag!).

Interesting piece on those weird slip-ups you make when you are from a lower-class background hobnobbing it (say, at your elite liberal arts college) with the upper-class folks. For example, why is Denny’s bad, everybody?

You know you spend too much time at a computer when: this article about eyestrain greatly improved your headache frequencies.

I love visualizing data. Here’s a great twitter/flickr mashup of the USA. You can actually see road structures.

What is better than food pr0n? INTERACTIVE food pron. My dad is addicted to this (to my taste bud’s delight).

For all my friends who are wielding their hard-won shiny new teaching certificates and maybe to make me feel better about my substitute teaching gig at my old high school

Creating vanity URLs for your Google+ ID. Get on this now, because those short handles are filling up.

All my hipsters pay attention. Develop film with instant coffee and vitamin C. (You took that to CVS? I did this in my kitchen).

ANNNNDDDD…to end it all, a guide to creating a “In-Case-of-Emergency” Document.


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