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I update my blog with links. Here you go!

Some interesting posts on writing, a personal issue with which I am struggling right now. First, How to Write a Novel in Three Days (no one said it had to be a good novel). Then, a beautiful, funny, essay on How To Become a Writer, by Lorrie Moore.

Found a great article in the NYTimes on “Super People.” You know, those people who play 2 instruments well, played 3 sports in college, maintained 4.0s in their engineering major, and taught art to paraplegic orphan elephants in Bhutan over summer break? Yes. Them. Apparently I am only familiar with them because I was part of the 1% of college students to attend an Ivy-League-Or-Similar institution.

But this is okay, because we all kind of suck at trying to be adults, anyway.

I hate horror movies (except for An American Werewolf in London), but here’s a good guide to the Top 50 Scariest Movies.

I’d much rather get my scares from books. Which is why I am so super psyched about Haruki Murakami’s new tome, 1Q84, coming out in the states.

Quick break: Puppies vs. Babies. You will all recognize a lot of the clips, because you have emailed them to me, all the time.

Back to the deeper issues: in case you were not aware, the OccupyMaine protest had an IED thrown at their encampment in Lincoln Park.

A radio host is recommending that you steer your children away from homosexual doctors, because they might give your child “The Gay.” Just make up your mind: is being a gay a choice or a disease?

The Rum Diary (oh Hunter S) came out this weekend, so you should get out some great moments of film drunken behaviour. Quote: “The best research for playing a drunk is being a British actor for 20 years,” says Michael Caine.

Sob Sob Sob. The last of the Deleted Harry Potter Scenes. This franchise just can’t stop making me feel like my childhood is over, can it.

Last thing, to cheer you up: Johnny Weir, glittered-up-to-here, performing a simple routine to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”


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Hello my scads of link-hungry folks! I guess I haven’t abandoned this blog at all. Let’s get things started, shall we?

First, going to pimp my dad’s art work, because the earring-holders-as-beautiful-found-object-sculpture are (1) AWESOME AS CHRISTMAHANNAKWANZIKA PRESENTS FOR THE DISCERNING HOLIDAY SHOPPER and (2) taking up room in my house. Here is an example:

"Adrift" Photo Credit to Abigail Kellogg

and the link to his Etsy. There are more than just those listed. Give me a holler if you want to purchase one (more college-student-friendly rates for smaller pieces).

Onto the links:

Yet another nail in the BPA coffin. Also, BPA and DES (Diethylstilbestrol) are often linked together in studies because they both appear impact estrogen-specific pathways. Awesome.

Halloween. Scary, slutty, just plain weird? If you, too, are not interested in being a “Sexy! Anime Character Riding a Wolf..With Glitter!”, try out these alternative awesome women’s costume ideas. I, for one, will be going, possibly nowhere, as a gay fairy. There is a rainbow tutu involved that I made myself!

And, if you get like me and have too many Halloween (or just, you know, Saturday afternoon) costumes, here’s a cool look inside some closets of serious style bloggers. I wish mine were that organized.

Also in the vein of Halloween ideas, here are some more mythical creatures you can go as. “What are you, again?” “Oh, you’ve probably never heard of Jorogumo, huh…” Hipster costumes, minus the irony.

If you are in a Disney Princess sort of mood (and I bet you are, now), take a look at these beautiful, if eerie, portraits of Disney Princesses as “real” people. Belle looks unimpressed with the artist, as she would. Love Belle. Anyway, back to the links.

To sum up the vague sort of disgust I have this year with all this “Sexy Ninja Turtle” this and “Sexy Assaj Ventress” nonsense, here is a great feminist discussion of why over-sexualized comic book heroines are doing no one any good, especially the women they are supposed to inspire. I wholeheartedly endorse this position.

Veering away from sad things about this here world, here is a funny new internet trend for those not in-the-know: Mocking Stock Photography.

In design drooling, this pretty much exemplifies the vibe I want a future living space to exude.

Rachel Maddow (massive crush. massive) sent Mitt Romney a message this week from her “Man-Cave” to explain to him some facts about conception, contraception, & how his comments make him sound like he’s going to make taking The Pill into a murder. Don’t worry, she’s aaaallll over this.

And finally, we need to get on this important project. Penguins need sweaters, everybody.

Also pay attention to OccupyWallSt, but you all knew that, yeah?

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