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Waiting around for hapless computer users to come into the library, thought I’d clean out my “read that sometime” window…


Because I feel like I do consumer advisory on almost a daily basis between clients, friends, and family, here’s a good general guide to Picking Out A New Laptop. I have mine chosen, but need some more moolah, n’est pas? Alternatively, right now I’d settle for one I couldn’t use to cook eggs. Watch your system fans, ladies and germs.

Aaaand then I think I’ll get around to re-installing Linux. Possibly Ubuntu, which has a new release up soon, but maybe Arch?

I know I am odd in that I dislike reading books on an ereader (though I’m not alone), but I could get behind the “sending any article anywhere to your Kindle to read later.” 

I recently got around to watching the Iron Man movies (yes, yes, in preparation for Avengers), so I’ve been thinking about JARVIS a lot, and how one might make some semblance of a JARVIS in one’s own home. Luckily, there’s a good intro-wiki for learning how to hack your electronics [LH]. I’m thinking my first project might be an Automated Cat Feeder, for the 3 lions:


Big news of the week from Google: the release of GoogleDrive, colloquially referred to as the DropBoxKiller. Here’s a good comparison of the many cloud-storage solutions available these days. I use Box, but that’s only because their Android release a few months ago came with a 50G (read: 10 times their usual storage) incentive. If you decide on GoogleDrive, here’s the guide to switching over without wanting to murder a server.

Here’s a great guide to learning a language quickly by immersing yourself as much as possible while still living in America. Some great resources and suggestions. As I’ve been getting back into Spanish (aka watching dubbed episodes of “Cyberchase” on HuluLatino), and thinking about acquiring Portuguese, this was super helpful. Also, there was a good link to ease of learning a given language for English speakers, which makes for a good goal list. 

Home and Hearth

Okay so you’ve all been cutting your onions wrong. And doing other stupid stuff in the kitchen, but we’re going to focus on the onion-cutting, which Blew My Mind. Well, that and the pomegranate hack. If Persephone had known that last one, we’d still be in an ice-age.

Also I live with a drummer. And a violinist. And a “trying to learn to play French horn” person. All the same person, btw, but we can talk about my weird family later. (French Horn sounds like a constipated elephant until it gets good, fyi). So possibly some sound paneling might come in handy? DIY option, here.

Object Coveting: These salt-n-pepper shakers. [Giz]

Wall Decoration: Minimalist Maps of American Universities. And there are customization options! Pemaquid peninsula here I come (if I had $200, that is).


A story of contrasts for me and my awesome friend Lita, who’s reviewing the Tribeca Film Festival right now. I’m jealous she gets to see so many cool movies before the rest of us. Meanwhile, I’m excited about a trailer drop for Brave and excited about analyzing the impact of the Occupy Movement and revolution in general on the message of “art as protest” in the newest Step-Up movie. So sometimes we don’t see eye-to-eye on film? 

I’m currently curating a list of books that Millenials/GenY might like, so this list of “books about young women” will hopefully help me expand my reading repertoire. 

In music, Sam Tsui just dropped another mega-mashup, this time of Britney Spears songs from way back in the day up to now. No shame about singing along. No Shame. [UnicornBooty]

And in LGBTQQA* issues, even if you are disappointed with the federal gov’t recently with LGBT issues, President Obama actually has done a lot. Just a reminder. [UnicornBooty]


That’s all folks! Have a great rest of the week/weekend. 




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A Resurrection

Hey everybody (all…three of you. Recommend this to more people, would you?) I’m back! Trying to (a) do this more often and (b) make it more interesting for you, the reader.

So I’m adding headers? Maybe pictures, later on. 


Setting up a home recording studio. [Gizmodo]

ReadItLater turns into Pocket, a place for you to stash all those articles (like the ones I post!) for a moment until you can get to it. [Lifehacker]

PicMonkey does almost everything a basic user (aka up-to-and-including-hue/saturation) might want with a photo, online. Very intuitive, beautiful interface. [Lifehacker]

GadgetLust: Belkin Portable USB surge protector. [Lifehacker]

Pop Culture (Lit, Film, Art)

Bridging the gap between tech and pop culture is the lovely Michael Fassbender in a new promo for Prometheus, which I can’t wait to see. [ToplessRobot]

Some literary classics, done up in slang. For example: “Avast ye readers! Ye may call me Ishmael. Some years ago – belay how long precisely – havin’ little or no doubloons in me purse, and nothin’ particular t’ interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see t’ watery part o’ t’ world.” [Flavorwire]

As one of my day-jobs, I work in a pretty cool public library. But these 25 beautiful public (public!) libraries from around the world blew me away. [Flavorwire]

Some awards for books were handed out this week. Also known as 2011: the year Columbia thought fiction sucked.

Lifestyle (dear lord someone help me come up with a better section title)

Because I think I might be moving soon, these city-based laundry/bike/grocery services might soon become very important. [ApartmentTherapy]

And of course I’ll need really really really nerdy / awesome posters and indie t-shirts to live there. [Redbubble] #teampeetapotter

Also, might need a custom-made dress, too. For under the $90 mark, b/c rent is ridiculous, did you know? [Jezebel


Snow Leopard Tickled. Nuff Said. [Jezebel]

Marines with kids / animals. [Jezebel]

Wolves question the race to the bottom: Uggs?

.. . 

Thaaaat’s all folks! I am sort of in the process of revamping this blog, so I am taking suggestions. More pictures (warning: they will all be from my instagram. faux-filters ahoy!)? More tech? A better title for “lifestyle”? An actual update schedule? Come at me, broskis.


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