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Quickly clearing out the 400+ items on my rss-feeder. This is what happens when you choose reading by the water over obsessively checking the news. [Picture related]



Vote over at i09 for which cybernetic upgrade you’d opt for first. If you are, like some of my friends, already equipped with a cybernetic upgrade, just write down what you are currently rocking.

Which three programming languages should every sysadmin learn? 

University of Washington is offering a 9-month, online data science degree for a cool $3000. hadoop, SQL,  graph algos, etc to be covered. 

More relevant to everyone else is the website CanIStream.It, which tells you if the movie you’d like to watch is available on any of the various ways you can watch movies online. For example, Thor? Definitely on Netflix instant. My goal to work my way through the Woody Allen oeuvre? De-railed for the evening.


Look! 500 movies you can watch for free, online, without breaking any laws! [Giz]

Nerd-babies. Nuff said.

Possibly should be cross-posted under Tech, but here are some examples of exercises you can do while sitting at your desk. [LH]

Not that these 20 Last Minute Gifts for Fathers Day are relevant, because I’ve totally got that covered, I swear.


Are you over-propped, asks the NYT? Well, seeing as one of my decorating props is an airplane prop, then, possibly, yes I am. 

Finally, a good reason to use a 3D printer, copying famous statues for work and home (and garden; I think my family really needs a Thinker out there among the sunflowers).

Small Batch Canning: A Guide.

Have a good evening!


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