Substitute teacher days are for updating one’s blog.

Each Disney Princess has a sin.

Using a French Press to make frothy milk for home-made lattes.

This artist/statistician/intrepid-cartographer created heat maps of cities based on where the tourists are.

I’m a big fan of multi-purpose jewelry. This wrench necklace would have helped when I was hauling my bike out of the shed a couple weeks ago.

This is a creepy-sad Batman/X-men French Movie. A good use of your next 10 minutes.

Youtube rolled out it’s “Top 100 Music Videos” feature. You have no excuse for not knowing the lyrics to “On the Floor” now.

Netflix is great. But sometimes the variety is overwhelming. This flow-chart helps you figure out which SciFi show to watch next. I’m thinking of moving on to Doctor Who this summer.

Yay for Rural Living!


Enjoy these on your sunny sunny Thursday.










There’s a long story as to how I ended up in the stacks of Dartmouth College’s library, but you just want links. You were going to do something with your Sunday afternoon [delight]? Also, I saw a fawn outside of the campus center this morning. Super cute. Watched as pubsafe tried to “herd” it into the woods.

Gizmodo reviews the Top 10 Anti-Virus programs. Or, as a friend pointed out, you could just switch to Linux.

Even if you don’t switch over, here are some nice desktop backgrounds from the newest Ubuntu release, “Natty Narwhal.”

I am trying to resurrect one of those old Blueberry Imacs. You know, from 2000? It’s not going that well. But I did enjoy/need this guide to lightweight OS for old computers.

Do something good for your sense of security: work out a good backup procedure.

Changing gears, here’s a snarky little post about being Twee.

A beautiful mash-up of 25 years of Pixar.

The Motherhood Dilemma: All the arguments for or against having children in one cartoon.

“Bacteria Dirigibles” for your bio-smart-bombing of diseased cells. So many opportunities for good, so many opportunities for steampunk jokes.

So when my friend and I get around to actually starting up our cupcake truck business, we will serve them in jars, sometimes.

How do you feel about using sequins in home decorating? In the bedroom? My GF has this one pillow which sheds silver sequins everywhere. Still finding them in my messenger bag, which lessens the tough computer fixer image I’m going for.

Supposedly it’s spring. Hahahahaha yeah okay sure (she says, looking at a pile of snow). But we’re getting all geared up for our summer garden (leeks! carrots! potatoes! various sundry other tubers!) and I bought some cilantro seeds. Here are some gardening blogs for inspiration.

If I had $50k, right now, I’d by one of these & travel around for awhile. Well, first I’d pay my college loans, but then I’d buy one of these Airstreams. Priorities: I have them.

Happy Spring!


February Hymn

Late February is my least favourite time of the year.

So why not update my blog? Here goes:

Under “Cool Art Things,” an artist combined hundreds of tourist photos of major monuments to create haunting re-interpretations of well-known architectural silhouettes.

I’m a big fan of Cracked.com’s more creepy posts, so the guy over at oobject is pretty cool.

A look at how former bombing/war sites have been re-appropriated into agricultural centers.

The Criterion Collection is coming to HuluPlus! While that would not make me switch over, it’s kinda cool if you (like the parents I’m currently living with) already have a subscription.

Create your memory palace. I tried doing this once, only with a mental motif straight out of The Magician’s Nephew. It ended up being more a nightly meditation exercise/Occulmency practice.

Speaking of things to memorize…in case anyone forgot their hankycode. [NSFW, if you work in a lame place]

Last January I took a class from MIT’s OpenCourseWave called “Gender and Technology.” I read about these awesome math/Rosie-the-Riveter/computer women.

I may or may not have been carrying a crush on Amelia Earhart since I was 3. (Dear past self: note this passion for female aviators & maybe your coming-out won’t be so fraught with self-doubt). ANYWAY, the mystery is still unsolved, but people are going to try to solve her disappearance (or at least discredit rumor-mongers) using the DNA in her spit from letters.

Fantasy creatures? Check. Medical Illustrations? Check.

So earlier this week, someone coerced James Earl Jones into reading lyrics from Bieber’s “Baby.” Not finding that hilarious enough, someone put that audio to StarWars footage, creating the ultimate Sith weapon.

Using GoogleMaps to find streetart.

My GF is in need of a new, heavy-duty laptop carrier…in purple. Or leopard-print. Glitter? Something not-a-messenger-bag. (We don’t really see eye-to-eye sartorially). Here you go!

FINALLY! Multi-touch config file for Linux.

Gizmodo reviews: the Best Lego Sets of 2011.

Yay! Have a not-as-sucky-day!




Been Awhile…

Updating blogs with links is like doing laundry, sometimes. I’d check my RSS feed after neglecting it for 2 weeks (OMG 2000+ posts!) and then overwhelmed me so I just starred the things I liked & didn’t update. The digital equivalent of wearing a bikini bottom because you are intimidated by your laundry pile.

So here’s a selection of those starred items, only done today because I was supposed to be substitute teaching but instead got a snow day. (Note: puts a whole new perspective on the situation when snow day means I’m out $70 worth of work).

Starting it off light: a Letter to Our Parents, dealing with the perplexing questions like “I’d never think of having a kid in my 20s! What were you thinking?” and “Why do you feel that you are poor when you own a car?”

So I’ve been making some $$ by teaching technologically-challenged people about E-readers, even if they are one of Several Soon-to-be-Extinct Tech Gadgets. If you DID get a Kindle (poor thing), here’s how to Strip the DRM off your Amazon Ebooks for happy (illegal) sharing to other devices. Also, how to Send Web Articles to your Kindle with Instapaper to read later.

If you are like me and chose the New Years Resolution of “Get Rid of Your Crap, No Srsly,”you may run into old tech, which is awkward to get rid of. Here’s how.

While you are cleaning (oh yeah Imma set up a narrative here), you might break for some awesome hot-cocoa. My father and I have discovered that it is further improved by adding Bailey’s, but that is your prerogative.

Let’s say you spill some cocoa on the kitchen floor in the process. That’s okay! I’m sure you can just active your DIY Brush Robot from Heaven. Or you can be like this guy I once dated who re-programmed his Roomba to hunt cats. #nerdwhisperer

Then, having divested yourself of transient belongings (BuddistHulk! FTW), you realize you have a lot of old Monster Energy cans lying around. You could recycle them…or you could upcycle them! Into adorable little boxes! Guided by a British man who pronounces “aluminium” SEVERAL TIMES.

[Giving up on the Narrative thing now.]

OMG her name is Katie and she loves Star Wars and they love her BAAAACK! Related: my fave xmas gift:

I LOVE the Fibonacci Sequence/Golden-Ratio. It’s one of the few things I’ve considered as a tattoo (nerdalert). So applying the Fibonacci boxes (oh hey new Twitter design) to photography was a pile of pure-genius.

IDK about this “Ten Things Every Father Should Teach His Daughter,” mostly because my MOM taught me most of those things. My dad, on the other hand, taught me how differentiate between Monet and Manet and why Rothko is like the haiku of painting. Also how to make a stew out of the left-overs in the fridge. He and I are currently working on #10 “How to Drink.” It’s been a fun educational experience.

Always equivocal about The Pill. Awesome because it puts the control over pregnancy in the hands of women? Awful because it normalizes a very personal bodily function? Awesome because it apparently doesn’t make you fat? Awful because of how it was originally tested for efficacy/safety? I have many thoughts.

A method of multiplication of large numbers from Japan. Wicked.

Also, I’ve gotten really into AFI recently. IKNOWIKNOW I’m waaay late to this baby-goth party. But whatever. Here’s my current fave song.

But! because that is kinda depressing, here are two cats playing pattycake. With amusing voice-over. Or CuteBoysWithCats, my lilbro’s fave Tumblr. Maybe you prefer CuteGirlsWithCats? Whatever blows your skirt up, honey.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday Purples

So I wore purple. So did, I think, 98% of my friends. Woo for colors symbolizing the 2-seconds you devoted to thinking about a cause!

Anyway, links.

If you must: The Cool New Shit from Apple. But remember Why Not To Buy A Mac.

People paint roofs white in NYC to help with heat-island issue.

I haven’t posted anything Star Wars in awhile. Anyway, here’s an awesome R2D2 swimsuit.

New Lego sets for the autumn. Were your parents the type who didn’t buy “sets” but rather those 1500 piece buckets so you could be creative and shit? Yeah…I really wanted a Millenium Falcon or a pirate ship like my friend had. But instead I  had to make a dystopian third-world village and periodically have a plague sweep through. Much better play for your child. I think the people in my fake village worshiped goats, too. :/

Photo contest results: Rorschach Blots.

Switching from Cable to Net-streaming your fave shows: A comprehensive, show-by-show chart. As we’re moving over to Roku in my house as soon as I get around to talking to our local DSL provider, this is rather pertinent.

I love Meghan McCain. I dislike Christine McDonnell (she of not understanding the 1st amendment fame). Ergo, when the former calls the latter on her shit, I am pleased. Go.

In the same vein, why the Tea Partiers get the whole “worship of the constitution” thing wrong.

And it’s probably better for you that your mom worked when you were a kid, 50 years of research shows.

Army uniforms finally come in a more flattering cut for women. This doesn’t mean I’ll join up, but is good for recruitment (?).

Why are people even surprised anymore when we find out that giving women (at any stage of life) more estrogen/progesterone than their body produces to “normalize their estrogen flow” causes serious problems?  (aka don’t take post-menopause stuff cause it causes deadly breast cancer.) Also, what the hell is a normal estrogen flow anyway? Hint: something made up by men in the 1940s. Related: I wrote a wicked long paper about this. Ask me about it sometime.

Awww, and all I got for my graduation was some pearls instead of this “abstract representation of semen” silver necklace.

If you’ve checked textsfromlastnight or a few other sites, you’ve seen American Apparel’s ideas for Halloween costumes. Here are some rejects.

And finally: decorating with animals. Like Moose Heads and Owls.


she’s 21

Chillaxing in the Montague Book Mill, combating with the sun over the glare on my screen, covertly observing the spiky-ink-handwritten notes the guy next to me is taking, left-handed, on a book called “Miles and Me.” He’s also wearing a courduroy jacket with elbow patches. The rest of the room is full of college students on laptops wearing leggings and thick sweaters. Also, today is my birthday (woo!) So as a party favor for the world, here are some links:

Passive-aggressive tweeting ahoy! Manchester England police are tweeting every incident report for 24 hours. The only thing I know about Manchester I learned from reading Harry Potter, so I presume all the incidents are related to Pettigrew befouling the water supplies with his rat dropping and small children crying from that time they tried to ask Snape to support their local school charity.

More british things: I want this scooter. It is pimped out to go >69mph.

Even more British things (hold onto your crumpets): Heathrow employees (fine, upstanding people who offered me tea before forcibly escorting me in a paddy-wagon off the premises) pranked the announcers.

On the other side of the pond, Americans take shit from nobody. Not even God, as seen here.

Why college made you fat, other than that pizza take-out. You weren’t getting a lot of sleep! Annals of Internal Medicine found some kickass results when people slept.

To counter this point, here’s a menu for low-income (ie college) students.

Airlines are starting to have “cuddle bookings,” with seats that relax you and your significant other into a pile of obnoxious that everyone else in your section hates. I think we need to queer this up, add to the excitement.

I love old barns. I love old farmhouses. I love power tools and (theoretically) love carpentry. This photo-diary of an old-barn restoration therefore makes my day.

Cupcakes filled with pumpkin pie seem finicky, yet awesome.

OMG. Cross-dressing (inasmuch as skirts are an appropriate item of femininity…blegh) child is still loved by parents, accepted at school. Will wonders never cease?

A reminder of the “Bechdel Test” for women in movies.

GROSSS! Indulge your squick and read these awful stories/pics of gross things that have happened to Jezebel readers.

There’s a whole gender-dialog behind these pics of women dressing/posing in traditionally men’s poses. Or you could just like looking at pics of women dressed like men, as I do.

Right-Wing Radio Donald Duck. It’s creepy when you mix 50 Donald episodes with excerpts from Glen Beck.

I love feminist (ahem, sorry, egalitarian) men.

The US military, in the wake of the possible repeal of DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), may be offering optional housing for straight service members who feel uncomfortable sharing air with their GLBTQ counterparts. Because that option doesn’t lead to “separate but equal AT ALL.”

To make you feel better, here is Feist, counting to 4 on Sesame Street. Here is why that is amusing/touching.

Quote of the day: “To get back to my youth I would do anything, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.” –Oscar Wilde from The Picture of Dorian Gray. His birthday was yesterday.

Ni Hao!

So I’m taking Chinese now. I can count to ten and ask you your name and stuff. But let’s get to some links, eh? But first, a picture from my Awesome McAwesome Smallpox-is-your-friend-no-really-love-columbus Weekend:

The middle bit is a pumpkin. No really.










Chrome Browser Tweak: Have that right-click option to “Set as Wallpaper.”

The Battle of the New-Fangled Blankets. (My snuggie is somewhere, I’m sure).

I love it when OKCupid crunches data. This time they looked at gay people, who, strangely enough, are pretty much like straight people, except for the whole liking the same gender part.

The Geekiest acts from Improv Everywhere.

Pretty examples of smoke-photography.

Please god stop posting these types of pictures.

Things you do that annoy the chef. It is a personal philosophy to never annoy the chef unless you are actually better at making that thing on my plate, which I never am.

Wallpaper made out of your photography? Narcissism or awesome? I say both.

More cool stuff to put all over your walls.

Ways to keep that old Windows machine keep on plugging, without having to pay me $25/hr to do it. (Related: I’m starting a consulting business; this advice ain’t free.)

I hate getting out of my PJs to do work. Luckily, I write well. Some Freelance Job Resources. And another.

Images of the Toxic Spill in Hungary.

Also, once again the SAT appears mostly to show the aptitude your parents have to pay for college.

Flowchart of female characters in Hollywood. Srsly, this is what we watch. Eff this, I’m gonna go grab some Edith Wharton and a glass of cider.

Apparently women don’t do start-up businesses (mostly tech) b/c they are crazed baby-making machines. Thankfully, Jezebel provides a rebuttal.

I’m not a huge Mother Jones fan, but this amusing/depressing infographic which sorts the Senate/House by type of funding made me laugh/cry.

On the horrible trend of “Compulsive Heterosexuality,” among young men, in which the mantra of “If I beat up fags, I can’t be one” is repeated often. It later appears in politics, methinks. An excellent article on a seldom-discussed issue.

I want to be read these authors.

Another Plus-Model trashes the model industry. Frankly I like her better his way.

This blog looks delectably academic and cartographic.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Grover Old Spice Ad Parody will make you chortle.


And a current fave quote from Giullermo del Toro: “If you get bored with nothing to do, you are not a writer.”

Zai Jian!