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Why yes, I am procrastinating writing my novel for NaNoWriMo. Enjoy the links, they are of a mixed bag tonight.

A great, simple explanation on how to make your presentation slides not look like a four-year-old new to MSPaint designed them, by a non-design person.

Real-Estate Curiosities. Whoooooo wants a castle? I do!

Hahn-Bin, my new favorite classical musician (other than my little sib, natch).

Vampire Bacteria! Finally, vampires will do something more useful than glittering! (But seriously, these are totally awesome from a usefulness standpoint but also ranking pretty high on my germ-geek-o-meter).

An article reminding us that were probably don’t actually “suck” at an activity: we just haven’t really tried. Thanks for motivating me to learn to code, Lifehacker!

I love mashup culture and the clean lines of an Ikea store. So of course my new favorite design inspiration is IkeaHacks.

Not sure where you might be able to stream that movie (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Itunes, etc)? This website answers that question for you.

Flavorwire’s 10 New Reads to anticipate for November. I don’t have time read anything this month–writing writing writing writing–but I am actually super excited for the new Stephen King fix-it novel about JFK’s assassination.

In the vein of writing I am currently procrastinating, io9 put together a somewhat-helpful article on things to remember when writing your sci-fi/fantasy novel (like mine).

Necessary Star Wars French Geekery.

A good comic from TheOatmeal that I hadn’t seen before on “What we SHOULD have been learning senior year of high school.”


Off to drink some fortifying wine and dive back into the novel.


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